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how dare you i am incredibly offended

I’m sorry please forgive me my prince 

Happy late birthday Aoba we love you 

I didn’t draw Aoba recieving special birthday presents from Mink my life is a sham this blog is built on lies

The TEARS beach episode: Blind Just Burns While Claire Laughs At Him

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I’m going on a vacation for the first time in.. several years ahhaa I’m also going to be turning 19 overseas which is exciting I hope that’s not some sort of curse or something??  who knows anyway I’m mostly.. really stressed about it because I’m losing a week of potential work time and I just have so much to do.  Part of me really wants to stay home so I can keep working and finish transfer applications and take a placement exam and get these three credits done so I can sign up for two more that I need to finish by June….  

But either way it’s going to be a lot of fun.  I think it’s kinda funny that we’re going to the tropics so I can go from a beach to… A different beach!!  I just love the beach man I’m so pumped wHAT IF THEY HAVE CATAMARANS TO RENT I AM GONNA RENT ONE SO HARD.  man I’m major pumped like dang DANG I’m gonna be able to draw!!!  As much as I want!!!!!!!  wHILE PEOPLE WAIT ON ME AND SERVE ME DRINKS ON THE BEACH PRAISE BE TO HEAVENNN 

tl;dr I’m gonna be with p shoddy wifi from the 26th to the 5th so if you can’t reach me that’s whyyy :*** 


A quick thing because I’m a mess

Reblog because I posted this at like 1 am whooooops

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I’m still laughing so hard at my pun but mostly because it’s such a huge lie ahaaha “soft core” yeah. Sure. Okay.

A quick thing because I’m a mess

I’m drawing robin in his apprentice outfit and I just remembered that he shouldn’t have a soft body because he’s a superhero and I had to erase it. I’m just so used to drawing young men with no ab definition.. I guess like my shotas like I like my porn. //Soft core.//


LOOK AT MY DUMB SELFIES! I’m so excited about recapitation Aoba and feathers! Feathers everywhere!

I’m having a fit